Month: November 2015

How Much Does A Will Cost In Oregon?

Most people that are thinking about getting a will wonder how much it is going to cost. The answer is, it depends, but on average in Oregon it will cost somewhere between $1,000.00 and $1,500.00. I practice law in Dallas, Oregon and so on average what I charge is slightly less than this. In the Portland metropolitan area you may pay this amount or slightly more. Generally, if a married couple is getting a will done, the lawyer gives them a break on a two for one type basis. This estimate of the average price of a will is also based on the idea of a “simple” will, if you have a need for a will that plans for a less common situation such as a child with special needs that can affect the price as well.

How does probate work in Oregon when there is no will?

Despite the encouragement of a host of professionals: financial planners, CPA’s, and lawyers like me, who advise people to get a will, most people die without one. The law calls an estate without a will, “intestate.” This doesn’t mean that probate isn’t required, it just means probate happens a different way. The purpose of probate is to make sure that the decedent’s creditors’ bills are paid and that the decedent’s left over money and property are distributed to their survivors.