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Keep your family from fighting - buy this probate book today!

Avoiding Cain and Abel Probates: An Approach to Preventing Family Inheritance Fights

With this book on probate law, you have the power to keep your family from fighting over your estate!

Families fighting over estates; it’s so common that it is hard to find someone who has not been impacted by these types of conflicts. Hurt feelings, estrangement, and alienation of family members often happen after an estate fight in a family that previously was close and harmonious.

In this book on probates you will learn:

-Why these estate fights occur
-How the right kind of estate planning prevents fights
-How to anticipate conflicts and nip them in the bud
-How to turn potential fights into opportunities to express love
-What can be done to strengthen family ties with your estate

Author Stan Butterfield is a probate attorney
that has on a personal or professional basis been dealing with estate conflicts for decades. Stan will explain how his own family was disrupted by an estate fight and how this motivated him to find a method for peaceful transfers of estate property.

Keep your family from fighting - buy this probate book today!